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capture – Creative Agency presents a solid web website design + web project management method for building commercial Web sites. Developed by capture Creative Agency, approach lets you closely manage your web project’s contributors, quality, costs, and schedules. Features insider tips, a focus on web design + project management as it relates to e-commerce, an introduction to the key principles of web project management, and a companion Web site.

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WordPress Website is a good option if you want to enhance your existing web sites. WordPress is a powerful on PHP and MySQL based open source framework. With the WordPress Integration you can easily integrates with third party applications allowing, to boost the productivity & efficiency of your websites. capture Media, offering a wide range of integration solutions for your websites.

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If your site is to be found by people that your company / offer did not know before, you are dependent on successful search engine optimization. The goal of “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) is to place Web sites in search engines such as Google,, or Yahoo as far forward on past results. This is a complex and long-term process of change both on their own website and includes action outside.

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The concept of Copyright Identity “CI” is based on the idea that companies are perceived as individuals, and as such can act similarly. Insofar company has been assigned a quasi-human “personality”. Or. it is viewed as the task of corporate communications, business to help to such an identity. Our designers have created a wide range of images and styles and put together that you can choose from.

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